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Re: Dear All

On 11/26/2017 09:57 AM, Emanuel Berg wrote:
Muzhgan Athaee wrote:

I need help please!!! [...]

Please if someone have it share
please please.

Hey, why not put the book as a Biblatex entry -
many people don't like following URLs in
general, and especially not those handcrafted
like yours, and besides, it might score you
some hacker points as well :)

Here are two good books on Unix and Linux:

   title      = {A Quarter Century of UNIX},
   author     = {Peter Salus},
   publisher  = {Addison-Wesley},
   year       = 1994,
   ISBN       = 0201547775,

   title      = {Linux: Installation, Configuration, and Use},
   author     = {Michael Kofler},
   publisher  = {Addison-Wesley},
   year       = 1999,
   ISBN       = 0201596288,

If the requested book is on the use of Linux, I would also recommend "Linux in a Nutshell" from O'Reilly. A whole slew of cammand-line commands with descriptions and examples, along with gawk, sed, vi, vim, emacs, package management (deb and rpm) and a good index.912 pages. I have the 6th edition, which
may be the last--I don't know. It's getting pretty frayed!


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