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Re: (solved) Re: need help on VPN


I believe slow vpn connection is due to government intervention
china's government's firewall is very advanced
it doesn't block completely, but it makes painfully slow

my friend had operated vpn, it's quick
he had complained that it's getting harder and harder
to climb firewall (that is, bypass censorship)

I have used ftp.sunet.se for a very long time
sometime i download linux from it, it rarely is slow

i repeat that i can't use google with Azire
google search page is quite simple

i know what government blocks
the effort isn't worthy

On Tuesday, November 21, 2017 2:07 PM, Jeroen Mathon <jeroenmathonmac@gmail.com> wrote:

Well, Azire is located in Sweden, so latency will always be a problem from China.
Do not expect 1GB/ps or 100GB/ps internet speed from a public VPN service, I am not sure how the internet exchange points are in China but i think it could be that they rate limit outgoing and incomming traffic.
Check your average network speed to a few testing servers in sweden.

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