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Re: Installer Can Not Find Root

Le 19/11/2017 à 03:26, Dan Norton a écrit :

Using LVM, one physical volume is defined on the entire sda5 partition. A volume
group named "debian8-vg" is defined as the only vg in that pv. Five logical
volumes have been defined in the vg. One lv intended as root was defined like
this with a Debian Live CD:

user@debian:/$ sudo lvm lvcreate -n root --size 8G debian8-vg  #define lv named root
user@debian:/$ sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/debian-vg/root  #make a file system in lv root

You did not have to do this with a live CD command line. You could have done it with the Debian installer partitioning interface.

user@debian:/$ sudo mount /dev/debian-vg/root

The mount point is missing. Besides, why did you mount the filesystem ?

 #the "/root" was dropped apparently

What do you mean ?

There they are. All the logical volumes. Am I getting close? How can I "mkdir /"
on root and succeed with netinst? BTW I did choose Manual partitioning in the
installer. :-(

You do not have to do anything with the command line. In the manual partitioning main panel showing all disks, partitions and volumes, just select a logical volume, edit its settings and select a mount point.

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