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Re: Debian 8 and Debian 9 Dual Boot

On 11/16/2017 02:06 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
Dan Norton composed on 2017-11-16 13:34 (UTC-0500):

A better description of what I want is "multiboot", instead of "dual
boot" in this thread. I can see having up to 4 systems installed, all
Debians, on one disk drive. There is an item in [1] which I see that reads:
    6. Disable LVM support
If you look farther down your cite you'll find "What is LVM?". "Disabling LVM"
is only applicable to the OS/2 type of LVM. It causes the OS/2 kernel to use
native DOS-style FIFO assignment of drive letters.

which is puzzling. Can multiboot be set up within LVM on one disk drive?

OK, great!

Now I'll try to figure out whether each system should have its own volume group or its own logical volume within one vg. Would install go easier one way or the other?

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