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Re: Editing Problem with bash script and sed RESOLVED

Thanks to all for very helpful responses. I have been trying to reinvent the wheel, rename does the job nicely and the perl regex's are more reliable. ^.*?-. allows removing the to the first - so repeated applications remove to the track numbers. The comments regarding the Trim_Line script were an education explaining why it did not work as expected.

On 11/14/2017 11:07 AM, Thomas George wrote:
The problem is editing long file names to shorten them. An example group of file names is attached.

The bash script copied from BashScripting is attached. This script works perfectly with simple deletions, for example TrimLine.sh "College" "" will remove College from each line in File.txt.

After experimenting with regular expressions with sed I found ls | sed -e s/S.*-// reduced the file names in File.txt to just the names of the Carols as shown in sed.txt. Used like this sed leaves the original file unchanged.

Trim_Line.sh "S.*-" "" fails to actually change the file names. Assuming Trim_Line.sh does not accept the regex as a pattern, I edited it to replace the $1 in the sed command with the regex expression. This does not work, the original file is left unchanged.  I also tried  replacing $1 with ^.*- which also works with the test ls | sed -e s/^.*-// but still the file names are unchanged.

I would appreciate any help or comments.

Tom George

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