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Re: Editing Problem with bash script and sed

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 9:50:06 PM UTC+5:30, Thomas George wrote:
> The problem is editing long file names to shorten them. An example group 
> of file names is attached.
> The bash script copied from BashScripting is attached. This script works 
> perfectly with simple deletions, for example TrimLine.sh "College" "" 
> will remove College from each line in File.txt.
> After experimenting with regular expressions with sed I found ls | sed 
> -e s/S.*-// reduced the file names in File.txt to just the names of the 
> Carols as shown in sed.txt. Used like this sed leaves the original file 
> unchanged.
> Trim_Line.sh "S.*-" "" fails to actually change the file names. Assuming 
> Trim_Line.sh does not accept the regex as a pattern, I edited it to 
> replace the $1 in the sed command with the regex expression. This does 
> not work, the original file is left unchanged.  I also tried  replacing 
> $1 with ^.*- which also works with the test ls | sed -e s/^.*-// but 
> still the file names are unchanged.
> I would appreciate any help or comments.

For such work I find emacs dired useful  [dired is emacs' file editor]

For more convenience add:
1. Menu → Immediate → Edit File names (shortcut Ctrl-x Ctrl-q)
combined with
2. column-editing mode of cua https://vimeo.com/1168225

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