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gpg fools amanda 3.5

"Always" I have encrypted amand backup with gpg.
Recently, after upgrade amanda to version 1:3.5-2 I noticed that amanda
'does not work' - it hangs for (near) infinity; no files in holding
directory etc.
As googling gives me no useful results, I assumed that it is rather
something wrong with my configuration than with amanda.

I noticed in logs these lines:
/var/log/amanda/log.error/localhost._var_lib_samba.1.20170924140809.errout:? gpg: automatically retrieved 'amand@alfa' via Local
they were earlier, but did not hurt.
I tried to remove them
"quiet" option to gpg.conf did not help, so I had to do something like
gpg -e 2>/dev/null
and voilà - amanda works and create files in holding space.
Now I have question
1. does amanda should be more tolerant?
2. does gpg should be quiet?
3. both?

Should I fill bug report? If so, to which package?


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