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Re: gpg fools amanda 3.5

Kamil Jońca wrote:

> "Always" I have encrypted amand backup with gpg.
> Recently, after upgrade amanda to version 1:3.5-2 I noticed that amanda
> 'does not work' - it hangs for (near) infinity; no files in holding
> directory etc.
> As googling gives me no useful results, I assumed that it is rather
> something wrong with my configuration than with amanda.
> I noticed in logs these lines:
> /var/log/amanda/log.error/localhost._var_lib_samba.1.20170924140809.errout:?
> gpg: automatically retrieved 'amand@alfa' via Local they were earlier, but
> did not hurt. I tried to remove them
> "quiet" option to gpg.conf did not help, so I had to do something like
> gpg -e 2>/dev/null
> and voilà - amanda works and create files in holding space.
> Now I have question
> 1. does amanda should be more tolerant?
> 2. does gpg should be quiet?
> 3. both?
> Should I fill bug report? If so, to which package?

Hi, please note that GPG was bumped to v2 which has different format and
features. Check your gpg version and if this is the problem, report against
amanda or adjust your settings.


PS: No idea what amanda is, but dealt recently with gpg in depth

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