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Re: Compatible laptops

On Sunday, November 12, 2017 02:39:22 AM dekks herton wrote:
> in general - any modern laptop will run debian fine [with any DE you
> choose] with IMO the following caveats
> 1) Avoid ones with hybrid dual graphics ie intel/nvidia aka optimus
> 2) Avoid anything realtek

I'd add, "avoid Broadcom if you want to use WiFi"--it requires some extra 
steps for installation (and is even more of a pain until you realize that is 
what you need to do)"

> 3) If its got fancy Dolby sound or quad speakers they wont work on Debian
> 4) Always check reviews for PWM flickering on screen dimming if you have
> sensitive eyes
> I personally use Thinkpads as a lot of Linux devs use them.

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