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Re: Compatible laptops

On 11/11, Maureen L Thomas wrote:
I do know that this list is for real problems but I am looking to get a new laptop, 17 inch preferable or an all in one computer.  The problem is I have only used Toshiba laptops and have had no problems with them.  I do not know if an all in one would be a good choice for debian.  I do not need a game playing machine.  If there is a list where this request is more appropriate please head me in the right direction.

try the debian-laptops list here

in general - any modern laptop will run debian fine [with any DE you choose] with IMO the following caveats

1) Avoid ones with hybrid dual graphics ie intel/nvidia aka optimus
2) Avoid anything realtek
3) If its got fancy Dolby sound or quad speakers they wont work on Debian
4) Always check reviews for PWM flickering on screen dimming if you have sensitive eyes

I personally use Thinkpads as a lot of Linux devs use them.

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