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Re: Compatible laptops

On 12/11/17 00:21, Maureen L Thomas wrote:

> I do know that this list is for real problems but I am looking to get a
> new laptop, 17 inch preferable or an all in one computer.  The problem
> is I have only used Toshiba laptops and have had no problems with them. 
> I do not know if an all in one would be a good choice for debian.  I do
> not need a game playing machine.  If there is a list where this request
> is more appropriate please head me in the right direction.

Hi Maureen.

Over the last several years I've had great results with
Hewlett-Packard's Elitebooks. I'm not sure that they do a 17" machine
but I'd have thought so.

They'd have no problems running Debian.



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