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Re: Compatible laptops

On 11.11.17 19:21, Maureen L Thomas wrote:
> I do know that this list is for real problems but I am looking to get a new
> laptop, 17 inch preferable or an all in one computer.  The problem is I have
> only used Toshiba laptops and have had no problems with them.  I do not know
> if an all in one would be a good choice for debian.  I do not need a game
> playing machine.  If there is a list where this request is more appropriate
> please head me in the right direction.

Maureen, there were some "5 best for 2017"-type reviews when I googled
for "linux compatible laptops", but what I half-remembered from the last
search was along the lines of: http://www.linux-laptop.net/

That seems to be more chaff than wheat, but an ad at the top pointed to:
A bit of googling should reveal other sources of laptops with linux
installed - usually with a choice of distro.

Over the years, I've run Redhat, Ubuntu, and now Debian, on NEC and
Lenovo laptops. The only hassles I've had is getting sound to work, but
that was at least 50% not having done it before.

Another thought: If you buy secondhand, not only will it be cheaper, but
the seller is more likely to allow you to try it with a live CD, to
check the mousepad sensitivity, etc. (Usually, the rest just works as
expected, I find.)

For your consideration: Any linux distro with gnome tends to be slow to
come up on a laptop. Downloading an LXDE version of Debian will speed
things up for you, every time you boot. 


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