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Re: Ethernet card locking up when acting as virtual bridge

Hi there,

On 11/10/2017 07:24 PM, Andrew W wrote:
> That turned out to be the Cisco switch on the other end which is an
> ESW500 series Small Business Switch (i.e web gui only no IOS CLI). On
> there there is a 'Smartports Wizard' which allows you to set a 'role'
> for each port and unless it is set to 'Access Point' I got the
> strange behaviour.
> As the virtual bridge and wifi access point are pretty much the same
> thing in principle I tried changing the port role to 'Access Point'
> as well and it seems to have solved the issue. Ive no idea what that
> is changing in the switch config, and when I asked on the Cisco forum
> I couldnt get an answer but it seems to be the cause of the trouble.

I presume that if a port is not set in "Access point' mode the switch
will assume that packets coming from that port will always come from
the same MAC address, and since the VMs you have all have differing
addresses this causes the switch to silently drop packets from a
different MAC address. And depending on how they actually implemented
that in detail the behavior may be quite weird.


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