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Re: Handhelds that conviently run Debian

On Thu 09 Nov 2017 at 10:17:12 (+0200), David Baron wrote:
> I have had Debian up on my Xiamo smartphone. I believe it uses the existing 
> kernel. Had a xwindows as well but did not like the interface. In the end, 
> question was what to do with it.

Debian on a phone isn't my priority, but this Galaxy 4 (£25
Carphone Warehouse PAYG upgrade) is in constant use: Night clock
(large digits), alarm clock (overrides the earpiece), MP3 player
(and get-iplayer downloads), video player, camera, video camera,
voice recorder, picture book, PDF reader and FM radio (with a
sleep shutoff, so it's usually hard at work beyond my waking day).
And because the Debian bluetooth support can be flaky, I sometimes
use it for bluetooth transfers from my flip phone (a sealed device)
to its 32GB SD card.

So there's a few things to be going along with…


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