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Re: How to compile color database?

On 11/08/2017 10:30 PM, Richard Hector wrote:
On 09/11/17 11:41, Fred wrote:

After editing /usr/share/X11/rgb.txt what program needs to run to
recompile the color database?

According to google it should be rgb < rgb.txt but the rgb program is
nowhere to be found.
Is it necessary? An old manpage for xorg.conf:


implies that the X server may be compiled to read a plain text file, and
that's all I seem to have - perhaps that's the standard way now?

The current xorg.conf manpage doesn't say anything about it.


I compiled an older program that needs certain colors which I added to rgb.txt. However the program is not able to see the new colors although it can see colors that were already in rgb.txt. I have a Sun Ultra 10 that is running Solaris 2.6. This computer has the rgb program that takes in rgb.txt and generates two dbm files that other programs can read. It is described in the Solaris X documentation. A google search describes using the rgb program as though it is common for Unix. Maybe it isn't used any more or maybe Debian doesn't use it. I am going to try changing the program to use colors that are already in rgb.txt.

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