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Re: Fedora has a boot option that forces the installer to recognize a drive as GPT, can this be added to Debian?

On Tue, Nov 07, 2017 at 07:23:42AM +0000, Indo Neh wrote:
>    Could this somehow be added to the Debian installer as this option is
>    useful for anyone who wants to set up a drive on a BIOS-based system as a
>    GPT drive without having to manually partition the drive after manually
>    setting it as GPT? It makes the automated drive setup (e.g. encrypted LVM
>    setup) very easy and painless.
This should help you get started with making modifications to the Debian
Installer: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Modify

>    I didn't realise people would get so stuck on names, by the 2nd email it
>    should have been obvious I meant this about Debian not Ubuntu.
People aren't stuck on names.  Rather, this mailing list is debian-user.
While there are certainly users here who are also Ubuntu users (and
RedHat users, and Windows users, and Solaris users etc.), discussions
not specific to Debian are generally considered off-topic.

I re-read both your original message and the second message (they look
identical to me) and it was not at all obvious that you meant Debian
Installer instead of Ubiquity.  That is primarily because you
specifically mention Ubiquity in both messages.  If you had simply said
"the installer" then the context of this being a Debian list would have
caused most people to assume that you meant the Debian installer.

Also, the tone of your last statement here is likely to be off-putting
to some people.  This list is a forum of users helping other users.
Nobody gets paid to do this.  If nobody happens to have any knowledge or
interest in the question you have posted or if people perceive that you
expect more than a friendly helping hand from a fellow user, it is
possible that you may not get an answer.  If you browse through the list
archives you will see that it happens from time to time that a post to
the list never gets answered.



Roberto C. Sánchez

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