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Re: Missing KDE "Switch user" command in Stretch

On Sunday, October 29, 2017 12:45:34 PM Roger Lynn wrote:
> So does nobody here use KDE? 

Just to not leave that questions unanswered, I use KDE, and I suspect many 
others do, but:

   (1) My everyday machine is still using Wheezy, and
   (2) I haven't ever had occasion to use switch user from the desktop (I do 
use su at the command line)--but I can see where it might be useful to have 
something like an anonymous "account" to surf the web (I mean, one different 
than your everyday userid, email address, etc.)

> Or do those of you that use KDE not have
> "Switch user" commands and not mind? Or does does it all work perfectly for
> you? Should I switch to a different display manager and screen locker, or
> do I need a completely different desktop environment?

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