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Missing KDE "Switch user" command in Stretch


When I upgraded to Stretch I lost the "Switch user" command from the Leave
section of the KDE launcher menu, from the KDE lock screen and from the SDDM
login screen. This should give the choice of activating an existing session
or starting a new one. Without it, it is difficult to tell if I am already
logged in, so I am in danger of creating duplicate sessions.

The login screen used to have a menu with "Cancel Session", "Remote Login"
and "Console Login" commands too. These have also disappeared.

The only workaround I can find is to manually check every virtual console to
see if I have a session running there. This is not a suitable solution for
other users. I think my son is currently logged in three times and is
probably trying to edit the same file in each KDE session.

What additional information do I need to supply? How can I get the commands
back? Have I configured something wrongly? Is this a bug in KDE? If so, it
would appear to be a serious regression since the version in Jessie.



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