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Re: compile problem on older program

On 10/28/2017 02:30 PM, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
On Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 01:55:54PM -0700, Fred wrote:
The source is at https://www.pastebin.com/X4a4p9U2

There are many similar lines with static keyword which the compiler didn't
complain about.

Except that every other line with the static keyword in that file is a
proper function prototype declaration (i.e., outside of function scope)
or is a function definition.

I think that you can safely remove line 821 since that function
(isRectangle) is not used at all inside of GBX_PrintPolygon.  The only
occurrence of isRectangle is in the condition clause of an if statement
that the compiler never sees (because it is excluded by the

The stackoverflow.com link suggests there is an unmatched bracket but I
wasn't able to find one.

I don't think you have any unmatched braces in the file.

If removing line 821 doesn't fix it, please post the complete source
tarball so that we can dig deeper.



Removing line 821 did appear to allow the whole program to compile. A preliminary test has problems with the scroll bars but there is a resource file that may allow that to be fixed.

Thanks for the help!!
Best regards,

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