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Re: Why does resolv.conf keep changing?

I've recently found myself living with a T1 and a DHCP (Comcast) --
slow and reliable all the time, and blistering fast at 3:00 AM.

I think I may have dealt with the resolv.conf (R.C) problem. I set
myself as the owner of R.C, removed everything but owner read
permission, and set it to immutable. (Largely for show; I know all
this doesn't slow down root a whole lot.)

The computer's 2 Ethernet interfaces are configured in
/etc/network/interfaces and Network Manager has been removed.
One interface is static, the other is DHCP. There are a couple
'post-up'  scripts in the DHCP config -- one replaces R.C with the one
I want it to be and deletes the files whining about how Comcast
couldn't scribble in R.C, the other rewrites the routing table so the
mirrors go with Comcast and everything else uses the T1.

If/when Comcast figures out how to get root and overcome the configs
done to R.C, the scripts make things all better again. (Assuming
immutable's been disabled somehow and R.C needs to be replaced.)

Glenn English

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