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Re: Why does resolv.conf keep changing?

>> > If Debian developers who are responsible for resolvconf are reading this,
>> > and if they actually CARE about making things work correctly and sensibly,
>> > then here is yet another proposal: give us a way to QUICKLY and EASILY
>> > and RELIABLY tell resolvconf "never do anything".
>> `resolvconf` only touches /etc/resolv.conf when it is installed/initialized.
>> What it does to it is to replace it with a symlink.
>> After that, it doesn't touch it any morel instead it only modifies the file
>> that is the target of that symlink.
> Given that multiple packages potentially touch/change resolv.conf (at
> least resolvconf and the various DHCP clients),

That is not true: when resolvconf is installed, *no package* should
(modulo bugs) ever change /etc/resolv.conf.

Instead all changes go through resolvconf, which only modifies
/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf (and those changes usually get reflected
into /etc/resolv.conf by making it a symlink to that file, but that's
not mandatory).

        Stefan "who thinks resolvconf should always be installed"

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