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Re: thinkpad mute button not working since upgrade to stretch

On 10/23/2017 05:24 AM, Paul Seyfert wrote:
Assuming I'm not the only thinkpad user, any others around who
encountered that problem and have already found a solution? Or tips for
how to get the mute button to work hardware-like again?

Thanks for checking. I did not have have tpb installed.
Installing it didn't help though.

I also install firmware-linux* and intel-microcode/amd64-microcode, plus
if you search thinkpad you will find some packages too.


firmware-linux* and intel/amd64-microcode were already installed.
I tried adding acpitool and tp-smapi-dkms without success.

I have 3 Thinkpad's, not you model but I don't have your problem, yes I know that does not help, maybe the problem is the desktop, I don't know, but while googling I found this http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ThinkPad_Button and maybe it will help or maybe someone else will chime in and can get you going.

Good luck,
Jimmy Johnson

Debian Jessie - KDE 4.14.2 - AMD A8-7600 - EXT4 at sda5
Registered Linux User #380263

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