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Re: attach a big picture

On Sat, Oct 21, 2017 at 06:38:55AM +0200, arne wrote:
> How can I attach a big picture to the mail I need to send to explain
> my problem? Does an online service excist?

Learn how to use words to describe what you are experiencing.  It is a
valuable skill.  It will serve you well in all the remaining years of
your life.

Begin with simple declarative sentences giving a basic background, so
that people know how to reproduce your setup.

"I am using Debian version ___ on the ___ platform.  I use the ___
desktop environment."

Follow that up with a basic description of the problem you are

"I'm using software package ___ version ___.  When I try to ___ I see ___."

DO NOT try to recall details from memory.  Actually GO THROUGH THE STEPS
THAT MAKE THE PROBLEM HAPPEN and write down what you are doing and seeing
as it happens.

Click or type a thing.  Write a sentence saying what you clicked/typed.

Look at the screen.  Write a sentence describing what you see on the

If there are error messages or other surprising output, paste them
verbatim, directly from your terminal into your email.

If you can't paste the error because it appears in a stupid GUI popup
window instead of a terminal, then transcribe it character by
character into the email.

Repeat until the problem has been clearly described to someone with
absolutely no background knowledge of the software you're using.

Finally, if you need to post an image, put it on your private web server.
You know, whichever one holds your home page with your selfies and your
pictures of your goldfish.

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