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Re: Firefox Future and Config [WAS: Re: Password managers [WAS: Re: when do I get a browsere that will do internet purchases?]]

On 20/10/2017 at 18:22, The Wanderer wrote:
> (Please learn to quote properly. Failure to quote at all is arguably
> even worse than top-posting.)

Sorry, when I’m answering to all or the main part of a message
completely I find it clearer to try to begin answering with a sole mail,
but thank for the remind of the public convention

> simply because the stress of knowing that I'm going to be left behind
> anyway is not good for my psychological health.

I understand quite well :/ happens often for me…

> Plus, part of the reason why Mozilla has decided to drop XUL support
> (part and parcel of the WebExtensions move) is that they find that the
> work involved in maintaining it and keeping up further development based
> on it is unsustainable - and that's Mozilla, which if I'm not mistaken
> is a much larger and better-funded organization than Debian is.

Damn, Firefox is really that kind of gigantic never-stable software
that’s horrible for that kind of thing (recall me the concept forged by
some french librist about “liberator software”, complementar to the
“free software” concept but about sociomaterial constraints limiting
material freedom of the users), quite the opposite of software such as
TeX and their symbolic tangential versionning… Maybe it is even
intrinsic to the web…

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