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Password managers [WAS: Re: when do I get a browsere that will do internet purchases?]

On 19/10/2017 at 22:24, Peter Hillier-Brook wrote:
> I had similar problems and switched to Chromium, however I would never
> trust *any* browser to store passwords

I don’t especially like or trust fully Firefox, but I wouldn’t trust
Chromium more (yet my bank website too doesn’t work with firefox, that’s
why I do everything from commandline with boobank (which does), yet once
I used to use Chromium only for that).

I’d especially like to notice that there are the packages
*xul-ext-gnome-keyring* and *xul-ext-kwallet5* which make both Firefox
and Thunderbird use respectively GNOME and KDE’s password
managers. That’s way more secure imho, and especially with the package

Waiting for the beautiful day where you’ll have only one passphrase to
remember, update and type for both grub/libreboot, luks, PAM/login,
password manager, and gpg-agent… Would that difficult to achieve? Would
require intensive hack on packages grub, luks, shadow, Linux-PAM,
Gnome-Keyring/KWallet and gnupg2 right?

There are also the solution on allowing that unique passphrase per a
usb token, a pgp card, or no passphrase at all (when you have memory
problems and if you’re old and poor enough for example).

Makes computers way more accessible…

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