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Re: pm-utils by default on Xfce for suspend/hibernate

Le 18/10/2017 à 17:32, Alexander V. Makartsev a écrit :
> I have PC with Debian 9 "stretch" x86_64 + Xfce and I never needed to
> have pm-utils installed, but hibernation\suspend feature works normally
> through xfce4 GUI once I set up all prerequisites for hibernation to
> work (such as at least working swap and initramfs resume variable). I
> also removed packages such as "uswsusp", "hibernate". I have used them
> previously, but now they are unnecessary for hibernation to work on my
> computer.

It is the nvidia proprietary driver which causes the issue. I have no
problem to suspend and hibernate with the free driver "nouveau" but the
free driver is buggy (see my other question on this list) so I cannot
use it. After installing the proprietary (340) one, I have no graphical
bug but suspend or hibernate don't work all the time (they fails

Suspend or hibernate seems to work all the times when I triggers them
with pm-utils tools. So I would like to make it the default ones.

> How you start Xfce DE and did you installed "xfce4-power-manager" package?
> You've said hibernation works when you trigger it manually, so check if
> hibernation works via systemd:
>     $ systemctl hibernate

I start xfce with lightdm and I have xfce4-power-manager installed.
systemctl hibernate and systemctl suspend seems to work.


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