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Re: RE

On 10/11/2017 10:14 AM, Jape Person wrote:
On 10/11/2017 04:20 AM, debian-user@lists.debian.org wrote:
Re: hplip and use of the "driver plugin"

I'm seeing something from debian-user@lists.debian.org that I've
never seen before. The most recent three days I have received a
single e-mail as quoted above.

Is this a normal function of the list? If so, what purpose does
it serve? The thread referenced died out in December of last year.

I just started getting back into the swing of things after a
prolonged medical issue, but didn't see any new messages in the
thread when I came back to check my mail. Is my attention being
drawn to the thread for some specific reason?

Thanks to anyone who can provide a clue!


It looks like they are trying to get an update to: https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2016/11/msg00769.html Maybe a bug was filed on your behalf, anyways it looks like someone is interested in some kind of closure. Just so you know you're not the only one, I had the same thing going on and gave them some feed back on a i965 video driver in stretch while in testing and I closed the bug cause it was working, I hope this helps. Also it shows that Debian is listening to you.
Jimmy Johnson

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