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Re: x : keyboard not working

On Friday 06 October 2017 19:01:06 deloptes wrote:

>> Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> I have the same effect, but different log. I have way too many
> >> keyboards, none of which work.
>> Gene, do you have them connected at the same time? or you are
>> unplugging and plugging them after each other
>Only one at a time.

>> Just curious ...

>I found it via another post, console-setup was not installed, fixed that 
>and dpkg-reconfigured the keyboard and the console, rebooted, x is 
>running normally now. Thats a relief, I thought I was going to have to 
>hack on udev. :(

Updated 10/11/2017, one of my wheezy machines just did almost the exact 
same dance. Keyboard worked on the login screen though, but mouse was 
frozen.  Put new battery in mouse, powerdown rebooted, no effect. I 
could login but no mouse or keyboard to be found after x starts. Both of 
the above utils were installed, so I did the dpkg-reconfigure on both. 
That did not help, so that leaves the next most likely suspect.

The Dell Dimensions do NOT have a retaining clip on the far end of a pci 
card, and enough wiggle on the cable attached to the back plate end of a 
5i25, WILL cause it to work its way out of the socket by tipping up in 
front, which in turn causes all sorts of hate and discontent, with the 
present scenario one of the symptoms. IIRC I have some foamish stuff 
glued to the cover, obviously not enough pressure to hold it in solidly, 
yet...  So pull the cover tomorrow, and cobble up something that will 
hold it solidly into the socket.

OLd, off-lease Dell's are generally good stable machines, but that is the 
Dimensions Achilles heel.

>Thanks for asking.  To find the clue, install locate, updatedb, then 
>for README.Debian, and out of the 40 or 50 that spits out, read the one 
>with keyboard-config in its locate output line.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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