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Re: RE

On 10/11/2017 08:48 PM, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
> On 10/11/2017 10:14 AM, Jape Person wrote:
>> On 10/11/2017 04:20 AM, debian-user@lists.debian.org wrote:
>>> Check
>>> Re: hplip and use of the "driver plugin"
>> I'm seeing something from debian-user@lists.debian.org that I've
>> never seen before. The most recent three days I have received a
>> single e-mail as quoted above.
>> Is this a normal function of the list? If so, what purpose does
>> it serve? The thread referenced died out in December of last year.
>> I just started getting back into the swing of things after a
>> prolonged medical issue, but didn't see any new messages in the
>> thread when I came back to check my mail. Is my attention being
>> drawn to the thread for some specific reason?
>> Thanks to anyone who can provide a clue!
>> JP
> It looks like they are trying to get an update to: 
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2016/11/msg00769.html
> Maybe a bug was filed on your behalf, anyways it looks like someone is 
> interested in some kind of closure.  Just so you know you're not the 
> only one, I had the same thing going on and gave them some feed back on 
> a i965 video driver in stretch while in testing and I closed the bug 
> cause it was working, I hope this helps. Also it shows that Debian is 
> listening to you.
Thanks, Jimmy.

I did already look through the thread, but I think the last post
to it was 7th December, 2016.

I also found bug #451502 from 2007.

hplip: may download non-free plugins

It got considered for a couple of years and was finally answered
with a wontfix.

I understand the upstream hplip people and the package
maintainers for Debian and their decision to keep hplip in main.

My response to HP (the company, not any of the folks involved in
trying to make all of the new HP devices work in Debian) is --


Instead, I got a Brother MFC 9340CDW and am able to use all of
its features (including scanning via a weird workaround) without
installing anything from any source other than Debian main.

If Brother ever fixes the firmware so that it reports the
printer's actual resolution, I'll even be able to use the IPP /
driverless printing functionality and dispense with the PPD for
the 9320CD that I currently have to use in CUPS to get proper
print output.

Right now the latest firmware available is 1.09, and it causes
driverless printing to result in squashed output.

But at least this printer doesn't require me to stick a
proprietary blob on my system drive to get scanning to work, the
way most of the current HP non-inkjet MFCs do.

Thanks for your response!


PS: My sincere apologies to Jimmy Johnson. Not sure how it
happened. I accidentally replied, at first, directly to Jimmy
instead of to the list. The old eyes and hands just don't
coordinate well any more.

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