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Re: x : keyboard not working

On Sat 07 Oct 2017 at 22:14:41 (+1100), Zenaan Harkness wrote:

> Yes I too like to have console work as well as x/gui terms (which I
> mostly live in TBH).
> I've now done this over a dozen times in the last month, and
> consistently, this works, to get the extra symbols I'm after - and
> yes, the Ctrl-Alt-Bksp to terminate X, but, running this afterwards:
>   sudo dpkg-reconfigure xkb-data keyboard-configuration
> Perhaps this is the bit that some folks might have missed...
> And finally, from a straight Linux console, I also run this:
>   sudo setupcon

I should have mentioned that it's advisable to run at least
one of these commands …

 dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
 dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

(quite honestly I can't remember which one(s) gives the problem)

… from a "real" linux console, and not a VC that you switched
to while X was running. It's all to do with X's tendency to
save and restore various things when switching.


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