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Re: What happen if I start following stable after upgrading to unstable?

> Yes. I am assuming you made a new stable installation, you have not
> just changed the repository from unstable to stable. That will most
> definitely not work.
> Are you asking why only a few packages are upgraded, compared to
> unstable?
> Stable should not need many upgrades. In unstable, package versions are
> frequently upgraded, most of the software has bugs, and sometimes the
> entire architecture of a linked group of programs is changed.
> In general, software versions in stable do not change, except for web
> browsers and anti-virus software. Security bugs are fixed, though not
> normally functional bugs. Debian stable is often used in servers, where
> a change of behaviour due to a bug being fixed may cause worse problems
> than the bug did. 
> The whole purpose of stable is to be an unchanging platform, as far as
> is possible. That means that the software versions are largely frozen
> months before release, and will never change. If you need fairly
> up-to-date software all the time, then stable is not the correct
> distribution to use, either testing or unstable are more appropriate.
I know that my packages are ahead at the moment, but what about the
future?  My question is can I get updates in the future? For example the time
that the `buster` becomes stable, can I securely update/upgrade? 
This is my personal PC.
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