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Re: What happen if I start following stable after upgrading to unstable?

Mostafa Shahverdy wrote:

> Few while ago I tried upgrading to unstable and I could update all my
> packages successfully. Now I'm going to use stable version. I am following
> only stable repository and each time I hit `apt-get dist-upgrade` it
> successfully upgrades few packages.
> Is this a safe way to stick with stable?

It is not exactly clear what "while ago" means. For example if you were
using unstable=stretch when stable=jessie and then switched to stable, when
stable=stretch it sounds reasonable.
If it is not the case, which is not very likely as you still get updates,
the versions of the packages will be higher than the one available in the
repository, so it is strange that you even get updates. I would not expect
such to be offered.

We usually do for regular updating

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

not dist-upgrade

With stable doing so you can be 99.99999% sure that it will work. At least
from my experience from the past 10+y. Note however that if you work on
production environment in case libc and friends get updated reboot or
restart of services is required to load newer libc ... 

You've got the response by Joe, where is explained what the purpose of
stable is.


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