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Re: Security updates for Chromium on Debian Jessie

Hi, Alex.

On 29/09/17 07:19, Alex ARNAUD wrote:

>>>> In the last DSA for the chromium-browser package (DSA-3985-1) I noticed
>>>> that the updates were released for stable, testing and unstable but not
>>>> for oldstable. I think the same thing happened with the previous
>>>> update.
>>>> Maybe I'm missing something and Chromium on Jessie is no longer getting
>>>> security updates?

>>> It seems that the maintainer is overworked and cannot provide Jessie
>>> updates for chromium anymore[1].  Somebody else said he might be looking
>>> at it[2], but that was six weeks ago and nothing happened so far.
>>> So while it is not clear when chromium in jessie will be EOL'ed, it
>>> seems advisable to switch to some other browser for now (if you want a
>>> package from Debian, firefox-esr is the only option).
>>> 1. https://lists.debian.org/debian-security/2017/07/msg00009.html
>>> 2. https://lists.debian.org/debian-security/2017/08/msg00010.html

>> Thanks for the observation and the references. I was not aware of this.
>> Here I am using both Firefox and Chromium since sometimes I need to test
>> some things in both browsers (for example some WebRTC application such
>> as Jitsi Meet).

> You can also install Google Chrome from the Google Debian repository.
> It's up-to-date and it works for Jessie.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did not know they had a repository
published. The times I installed Chrome were downloading the Debian
package. But maybe this automatically adds an entry in

Kind regards,

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