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Re: Supper slow USB disk

On Sun, 1 Oct 2017 18:46:18 +0330
Mostafa Shahverdy <mostafa@mostafa.info> wrote:

> The whole idea for changing the content came from the fact that my usb
> drives were mounting as read-only for non-root users, so I tried to
> fix it and no luck. So at the end I removed my entries for removable
> media. I still have that very problem of read-only removable media
> for my user.

I have a directory named /media/joe, with joe:joe 750 permissions. I'm
reasonably sure that systemd originally created that, but if you have
an appropriate directory which was created with different permissions,
that may be a problem.

If I plug in an arbitrary extN or FAT USB stick, it is automounted
under /media/joe, and I have write permissions (as long as the extN
location does). I don't have any that are formatted NTFS, so I don't
know how permissions might map.

This is unstable, by the way, Wheezy has an incomplete version of
systemd and may well be using usbmount or pmount for automounting.
I think anything later than Wheezy ought to have systemd handling


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