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Re: OT: Hurricane

On 9/21/17, doark@mail.com <doark@mail.com> wrote:
> First of all, thanks to everyone for your PM'ed messages and prayers. We
> are alive and well. Though the eye hit our town quite close to us, we
> were on the lee side. Power has also been restored, though some of the
> roads remain flooded (anyone for trout fishing? :)
> BTW: Are you OK Felix?

I got nailed in North Georgia. Slant of the roof is all that kept the
dogs and me from being crushed by a 60 foot plus Hickory tree. It had
been leaning straight over the top of the entire house (upcycled
trailer) for YEARS.

For months, I've been telling it "please just don't" whenever that
possibility was a conscious observation. Actually said that out loud
to it... :)

No #Life flashing before my eyes or any of that. Just sat there all
*stupid* staring up at the ceiling. Was waiting to see the first
leaves and branches come crashing through the roof straight over top
of us.

My dogs went absolutely ballistic. They were going to chew the
invasive beast a new one. #MyHeroes :)

Hope everyone's ok. Even when damage is minimal, the traumatic
upheaval and even seeing what *could have happened* has an effect.

Please be safe out there...

Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* . *

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