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Re: libreoffice base crashes when writing HSQLDB

On 09/11/17 19:26, Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:
On 9/10/17, Flo <debianflo@gmx.at> wrote:
Dear all,

Libreoffice is working for me except for Base.

This means when I want to create a (or use an existing) database
libreoffice crashes immediately without giving any information.

I open libreoffice and click to open a new database (HSQLDB Embedded).
Then Finish and I am asked about the name of the database. I enter the
name, click Save and then comes the crash. A database file is created,

I am using Debian testing.

I haven't found anything in the web. Can anyone help me?

Try running "libreoffice --base" in a terminal window, and see if that
gets you viable error messages. I just tested it, and it did bring up
the Database Wizard.

For me there was not difference. Libreoffice just silently dies.

Best regards,

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