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Scanner problem

Title: signature_jp_2


Two scanners: 1=Epson; 2=canon. 1 works fine, as root and as user. Canon works as root but not as user, scanimage and sane-find-scanner do not find it.

While /dev/bus/usb/001/0XX is owned by root:root,, but as well by the scanner group (where my user is), it is not the case with Canon, the device is owned only by root:root.

If I do setfacl -mgroup:scanner:rw- the scanner works as regular user.

My questions:

1. Why permissions are set properly for Epson and not Canon?

2. How can I create a Udev rule to fix itN

3. Should I reportbug to the sane package?

Thanks. If I should write to another list such as debian-sane or whatever, tell me.

Best regards,

                Hypra JEAN-PHILIPPE MENGUAL
102, rue des poissonniers, 75018, Paris
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