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Re: Suitable text editor [NOT word processor] or workaround?

Gene Heskett wrote:

> I gave up on the kde breakage that never gets fixed by kde, and on this
> boxen, and one of my more well-endowed cnc boxes its TDE r14.0.0.x all
> the way down, so I am still running kmail 1.9, its had at least 99% of
> all the kde bugs swatted.  Its a fork of kde 3.5.

Same here ... I even saw myself entitled to fix bugs for TDE, so that I may
have really useful environment. So kate-trinity rocks :)

>> I had same experience with GTK gedit & friends 14y ago ... since then
>> I don't want to hear about gnome or whatever alike ... but well, there
>> are allways exceptions - like gimp.
> Which changes fast enough I have to learn it all over again everytime I
> need to use it.  Like adding captions and arrows, last upgrade uses a 1
> pt font for text and I had a heck of a time blowing it up to a usable
> size. I think there is an excedrin headache number for that. Has to
> be... :)

Indeed - however I have not seen anything better around :D
Thanks God, I do not need image editor that often.


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