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Re: Suitable text editor [NOT word processor] or workaround?

kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:

> FWIW, I also thought that you lost 6 months of work based on what you
> wrote initially. Happy to hear that the damage is much less. But even
> that can be very frustrating, right?
> Along with the backups, may I suggest you to store all your work in
> version control such as git so that even if the editor crashes, you
> can recover everything up until the last commit.

I use "ne" which luckily is part of the debian package repo. Great for work
in console.

For the GUI ... well we stayed with KDE3 on purpose - kate is great.

I had same experience with GTK gedit & friends 14y ago ... since then I
don't want to hear about gnome or whatever alike ... but well, there are
allways exceptions - like gimp.


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