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Re: network trouble on stretch

Very sorry. I told you guys some horrible lies yesterday about Buster.

ifupdown is there.

route is back.

ifconfig is back.

Thanks much, Fungi4All, for the name fix, I haven't implemented it
yet, and I'm not sure I will because who knows what'll happen in the
next release. I'm going to try to live with the peculiar interface
names until the proper ones come back like the utilities did.


The interface names are still broken, as is the man page.

The interface file with the Ethernet address that worked yesterday
doesn't seem to work this morning. Systemd claims the file is written
incorrectly (it isn't, according to the man page; and it worked
yesterday) Ifup doesn't like it either. I can bring up the interface
and assign it an address with ifconfig.

And I can fix (and see) the routing table with route.

Glenn English

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