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Re: network trouble on stretch

On 03.09.17 20:09, Glenn English wrote:
> I looked on the 'Net, asking why the interface names were changed. I
> found a good reason: sometimes the ethn names aren't reliably
> consistent. Fine, I say, you've figured how to make them consistent.
> That's no reason to change the names from a meaningful 4 or 5 chars to
> 11, chosen by /dev/urandom.

Most eloquently put, and you speak for thousands.

> Somebody's selling the Debian management a pile of bull excrement.

Noo-oo, I firmly believe they're smoking it.

In addition to Fungi4All's solution, there's also ifrename (in package
of same name):

 Ifrename is a tool allowing you to assign a consistent name to each of
 your network interfaces.

But Fungi4All's solution is so easy to use that I'm won over, and
have implemented it here.


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