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Re: [solved] Re: Live recording

On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 01:42:18PM +0200, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> Zenaan Harkness <zenaan@freedbms.net> writes:
> > On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 03:03:46AM +0200, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> >> Apparently, Audacity doesn't let you record simultaneously from two or more
> >> sources...  you have to choose one source.
> >
> > Ardour should only take half a day to start using - it absolutely
> > rocks - high end DAW FTW :D
> Thanks...  As far as I see, Ardour and Jack are powerful tools...  On the other
> hand, with the above recording procedure, i.e. several simultaneous sessions of
> sox, no drifting or latency effects did I appreciate at all...  So it is maybe
> worth for me to continue that way till the moment such problems will arise...

Indeed - if it aint broke as they say :)

Glad to hear you have achieved your desired recording result.

If you ever need more flexibility, or more control over latency, or a
need to adjust individual track offsets ("latency") after the fact,
post-recording mix down sessions, many types of automation whilst
recording, and many other high end audio tasks - jackd/Ardour may be
just the solution you will then be looking for :)

jackd may be built Ardour these days - if so, that would likely make
config even easier.

One little nugget in the back of my mind from a few years ago when I
was last multi-tracking, is a jackd plugin with high quality "audio
anti aliasing" (not sure the proper term sorry) in real time, to mix
input sources which are delivering different sample rates, AND
different skew rates, with respect to each other - basically a full
software "time lock" function WITH high end sample rate anti
aliasing. I didn't need it, but it looked like it would allow
seamless "real time latency/skew correction" of basic mobo line-in
tracks, with tracks coming from hardware with proper time sync
codes... please excuse my amateur wording here. Summary: the best of
the best is available with jackd and Ardour, for absolutely any
tricky situation.

Have fun :)

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