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Re: [solved] Re: Live recording

deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> writes:

>> For human voice, I bought a USB audio card and plugged a third microphone
>> into
>> it.  So now I have:
>>  mic1 for piano basses; |__________ plugged together into the
>>  mic2 for piano highs;  |           above Y cable
>>  mic3 for voice         -> -> -> -> plugged into the USB dongle.
>> Then I do:
>>  $ sox -t alsa default piano.wav
>> and, at the same time, on another xterm session,
>>  $ sox -t alsa wh:2,0 voice.wav
>> where wh:2,0 is the USB device (do: `arecord -l' first).  This way I get
>> two
>> audio files: piano.wav and voice.wav.  The first one is stereo and the
>> second
>> is mono.  In the end I merge the two together with Audacity.  By default,
>> Audacity puts the mono file just in the middle between left and right
>> channel; but, if you like, you can have it weight more left or more right,
>> in the
>> percentage you want.  I must say that the result is acceptable, and
>> more...
> Why not do all that directly in Audacity? I am sure it works and it will
> take care of the timing automatically

Thanks, I'll have a try.  But can we say that all this allows us to do without
mixer or multi-channel audio interface...?  In fact, I suppose I could even add
some other USB cards if I wanted to add more instruments, say a violin...



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