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Re: Debian8 is not playing with Synology using NFS/CIFS

On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 09:43:58AM +0000, Joerg Desch wrote:
It drives me crazy. Really. The company I'm working for is switching from a Dell server running Ubuntu to a Synology HA solution. On my desktop, I'm using Debian 8 and only Debian (Yes I know, I can be lucky ;-)).

My first try was to mount the new shares using NFS4 and.... taraa... imapd. This fails because the ID mapping does not work. On both sides, the (same) domain is inserted into "/etc/imapd.conf". Without any changes. For now, I'm not really sure what ipmapd is for. A hoax? Fun?

I'll assume that the Synology is a black box, and so we can't work out how it's configured.

Try "mount -v -t nfs name.or.ip.of.synology:/ /some/mountpoint" and see what errors result. Note that you generally want to start by mounting "/" from the server. NFSv4 *may* use a 'chroot'-style layout where all the exported directories appear under a virtual root, or it *may* use the NFSv3-style layout where you need to know the location of each export.

Does the Synology offer NFSv3 and V2 as well? Is the NFSv4 that the Synology offers "kerberized"? If the Synology offers NFSv3, you can try "showmount -e name.or.ip.of.synology" to see what's exported (as I understand it, showmount no longer works with NFSv4).

The second try was the ugly solution using CIFS. The bad insight this morning... Synology disables the "unix extensions". The second... There is no ID mapping too. My hope with CIFS was, that die total user and group stuff is done using "names" and not IDs.

So, if anybody out there is running a Synology server. Is there a working solution to get uid/gip mapping, unix access flags and symlinks?

I'm happy for every (positive) answer. ;-)

For more information, please reread.

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