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Re: How to change default umask in Stretch?

On Mon, 07 Aug 2017, Garrett R. wrote:
> Does anybody know, this gnome/systemd bug of umask, it this something
> that I will have to wait for Debian 10 before it is fixed? Or will
> Debian 9 implement a fix when/if gnome/systemd issues a fix?

It is too early to tell.  It depends on how complex the systemd changes
would be.

Suppose they're "simple enough".  One could then backport these changes
to stretch's systemd, *test them throughoutly* -- and by that I do mean
do a very, very good job of that *and* also of reporting it -- and then
propose that the changes be accepted into a stretch point release.

So, yes, it could happen, but someone has to do the work.  I suggest
writing the patch for systemd upstream and trying to get it (or some
other solution) merged as the first step.

Note that the ideal implementation would be to inherit the umask from
whatever was set by pam or by the user's login shell as one of the
possibilities (and have that as the default, actually).  However, I am
not sure this is straightforward: it depends on how "systemd --user"
launching of user-session services works...

  Henrique Holschuh

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