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Re: How to change default umask in Stretch?

On 07-08-17, Garrett R. wrote:
> No effect.
> I added  "session optional pam_umask.so umask=0077" to the end of /etc/pam.d/common-session. Then I confirmed /etc/login.defs has a umask entry. Then I logged out and back in.
> A new gedit document still reports permission rw-r--r--.

Unfortunately. It looks like it is systemd thing indeed, according to


and this


It also looks like it does not have workaround. Except to touch file
from terminal before editing it in gedit( if it is login shell, for
gnome-terminal edit > profile preferences > command > run command as
login shell ). Or even better launch gedit from that terminal, it will
have right umask settings. Or, make custom shortcut that will launch
terminal and gedit from it at same time, something like gnome-terminal
-e gedit. Sorry, but not much more help with systemd involved, I'm

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