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Re: [solved] Re: Live recording

On 08/06/17 09:18, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
The cable that made me possible to live record stereo from two mics, without
mixer nor preamp nor external audio card nor audio interface, is a 3.5mm
twin-mono-female and a 3.5mm single-stereo-male: the two mics plugged into the
two mono females and the stereo male plugged into the `mic' input of my PC.
This cable was solded for me by the owner of the electricity shop near my

That is called a stereo break-out cable:


To add a third microphone for human voice (the former two are for piano), I
plan to use a second PC as suggested by Fungi4All.  This way I'll continue to
do without mixer or audio interface, till the moment I'll want to do things
more professionally.  Now, they're just home made records...

As I understand it, professional digital audio recording gear includes clock in and clock out connectors. All the devices are linked together with cables, one device serves as the master clock, and all the other devices are slaves.

Without hardware clock synchronization, the clocks for the various recording devices will drift ("clock skew") and the recordings will lose time alignment. One work-around is to record audible synchronizing marks near the beginning of a take and near the end -- e.g. strike two sticks together, clap your hands, use a "clicker" device, etc.. Then during editing/ mix-down, use digital audio workstation software with time-stretch/ time-compression/ time-alignment features to adjust the individual recordings until all the synchronizing marks line up exactly.


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