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Re: Bug in Brother HL4040 driver?

Andrew W wrote:

> Can anyone help me determine the location of an annoying bug which seems
> to persist in the driver(s) for the Brother HL404CN laser printer
> please? It has existed since Wheezy and is still present in Stretch.
> Printing from most apps (but interestingly not GIMP) will often fail
> with the printers firmware locking up and showing Error E1 on its
> display - the only way out of this is to turn the printer off and back on.
> I've tried several of the drivers listed and all seem to have the same
> issue. Further more in Stretch the web interface for CUPS doesnt seem to
> work on localhost:631 and the Gnome system settings GUI for print queue
> management doesnt do anything. Its as if the buttons have no event
> handlers behind them to actually do anything!
> Thanks

Have you done firmware upgrade?

also here it suggests that it might be the poppler lib causing issues


the printer uses PCL6 so make sure you get the proper conversion from any
type to PCL in cups. Look there for solution.


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