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Re: pesky and persistent "driverless" Brother MFC-9340CDW

On 08/05/2017 07:38 PM, Richard Hector wrote:
On 05/08/17 07:52, Jape Person wrote:
It's funny (in much the same way that hitting your thumb with a hammer
is funny) that the Brother support site does indeed list a later
firmware update than the one I installed when I first got the printer.
If one looks at the driver update history at the site, the version
number jumps from 1.07 to 1.09. I have 1.08.

Perhaps 1.08 was so buggy they decided to withdraw it altogether?


Yup! That's what I was inferring from their site and implying here. But they don't have to allow downloads of a bad firmware version to keep a record of its release (and it's "features" and flaws).

That sort of information can be pretty important to a customer. It could help me decide whether or not it makes sense to go ahead with an upgrade to 1.09. As it is, I don't have even a clue as to whether or not 1.09 is meant to fix the resolution misreporting issue -- or anything else that might be affecting me.

I only have experience applying one update to the printer. I had to buy a Windows computer to accomplish the update, and the update didn't provide any improvement whatsoever that I can see in the functionality of the printer. It may, in fact, have caused some of the weirdness I've seen. I only got it because the Brother site recommended the update to improve paper-handling (eliminate smudging and paper wrinkling). Paper-handling on this printer has, in my experience, always been excellent.

That doesn't exactly encourage me to proceed with another update. I'm spoiled by the changelogs I can see for every package in my Debian installations. Most of them are excellent. A few contain very little in the way of specific information, except for the fact that they always provide version numbers which I can use to find out what's changed from upstream.

Heh. I don't want to go through this silly process (mechanically / logistically difficult in my little condo) just to go to their site a few months from now to see the firmware version number in their update history jump from 1.07 to 1.10.


I'm waiting to see if there's any fallout from people going to 1.09.

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