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Re: Fonts readability (was: Arial vs. Helvetica.)

On Thu, 03 Aug 2017, Nicolas George wrote:
> Another point where the bitmap fonts beat the vectorial fonts at tiny
> sizes: you usually want your vectorial fonts anti-aliased, but at tiny
> sizes it hurts readability. Even worse, the anti-aliasing is done wrong:
> it is done without taking gamma correction into account. That means that
> when 50% intensity is wanted, it produces 22% intensity instead:
> black-on-white is too thick, white-on-black is too thin.

Professional, high-quality fonts *optimized for small sizes* will have
specific glyph variations and "rendering rules" for the small sizes, and
do not suffer from the annoying misplaced anti-aliasing effects (i.e.
they will render about as nicely as a pixel-optimized bitmapped font).

However that also requires that the font rendering engine do it
perfectly (which in turn requires it to implement everything required,
for whatever is using it to *enable* all of that and not screw it up
when blitting the result, etc).

So, I am not at all surprised that it is far easier to get better
results for small sizes and terminal fonts using bitmapped fonts :-)  It
should be much faster for the terminal to use the bitmapped ones, too.

  Henrique Holschuh

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